How to Clone a project in Xcode.

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Whether you want to see how another project is put together, or you are following a tutorial, at some stage you’re gonna want to clone a project in Xcode.

The good thing is there aren’t many steps, so it should be easy to remember!

  1. Firstly you want to open up the project page on github that you would like to clone. You should see a small row of three buttons reading ‘Go to file’, ‘Add file’ and lastly ‘Code’. If you click on this last button, you will see the link to which you will need to copy.
Clone github page

2. Next step is to highlight the link and copy (⌘C) or click the clipboard icon. This will copy the link needed to Clone the project.

3. If you already have Xcode open, head to the Source control menu and click ‘Clone’. If not and you are launching Xcode, you can clone a project by clicking on ‘Clone’ from the welcome screen.

Source control menu
Source control menu

4. Paste in the link for the repository and again, click on ‘Clone’.

Window for entering repository link
Window for entering repository link

5. Last step is to save the cloned project to your computer. I always save my files within the same development folder so I know where all my project files are kept. Once this has been done, the project opens in Xcode and it’s yours to play with!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps someone out there. It helps me to write things down so I understand them better.

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